Project Description

Electrical Marketplace is an eCommerce site with over 5000 unique skus. Many of those items are configurable with thousands of permutations. I was involved in every aspect of Electrical Marketplace’s online presence. When I came aboard the site hat a tired and outdated design, was not mobile friendly, did not have proper tracking code implementations, and had several other performance issues both front-end and back-end.

I began by modernizing the site with responsive mobile friendly redesign, next I ensured that all tracking codes were properly implemented. Since the product database did not meet Google Shopping’s standards, I installed several plugins to the Magento platform that enabled myself and other staff to clean up the database and submit Shopping Network Friendly tables to all the major shopping networks.

I made several other improvements such as email and ad retargeting campaigns, coupon implementation, micro-sites, landing pages, content creation, and many other improvements.

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